Lost in a Sea of eLearning

A quick question, when was the last time you sat down, and asked your learners what they thought of your eLearning, and I don’t mean a quick smile sheet exercise, but some digging – identifying the opinions and feelings about what they experienced.

Well, Queen’s University Belfast have done just that with a group of students who are increasingly using eLearning during their 5 years of study.
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Analysis of head impact exposure and brain microstructure response in a season-long application of a jugular vein compression collar

British Journal of Sports Medicine – Could a jugular vein neck collar help to reduce the possible concussive effect of head impact?

“study has generated initial evidence for a potential protective effect of the collar device”

“It supports the notion that the approach of protecting the brain internally via jugular vein compression may be a promising alternative”

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How do you Define Maximum playing time in Age Grade Rugby (RFU v SRU)

Just as we are coming to the end of the first year of the new conference system for youth rugby in Scotland, where the ultimate goal is to see whole Club v Club and School v School competitions from U13 to U18s (and ultimately all played on a Saturday), so the RFU brings out their own revision to age grade rugby, under the banner of Regulation 15.
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The LMS – Catalyst or Albatross

The LMS is still a massive commitment for any organisation, both in terms of staff resource and budget.

Get an implementation wrong, and you can be saddled with an albatross for few years to come; get it right, and it can form the backbone to a dynamic learning culture.

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Tribal Confirms £21m Rights Issue and Move to AIM

As previously indicated, the Board of Tribal have announced a fully underwritten £21m Rights Issue.

The gross proceeds of the 1 for 1 Rights Issue (approximately £21 million), together with the disposal of the Synergy business announced earlier in the month, raises approximately £41.12 million, which will be used to reduce the Group’s net debt.
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World Rugby Response to ‘Ban on Rugby tackling’ petition in the UK

Today, it was reported that a group of doctors and health professionals have written a letter to the UK Government calling for a ban on tackling in school rugby games. This group warns of high risk of serious injury among under-18s from playing rugby and said schools should move to touch rugby and non-contact rugby which is already a popular sport in itself, with more than one million children participating worldwide.
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